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Packaging innovation Flower bulbs

We are very proud to be part of this unique project, that's supported by the European Union.

The economic importance of the Dutch flower bulb sector is great. For example, there are about 1500 flower bulb growers in our country that produce around 8.5 billion flower bulbs per year. This means that the Netherlands has a market share of about 60 percent of world production in flower bulbs. In addition, Dutch trading companies account for 85 percent of the world trade in flower bulbs. The majority of Dutch flower bulbs are exported. Approximately two thirds of all flower bulbs are used for growing flowers and a third is intended for the consumer.

A considerable part of the production and quality of flower bulbs is lost due to infections and spoilage. In addition, stricter environmental legislation must reduce the use of pesticides. That is why new methods are needed to reduce the loss and improve the quality of the bulbs.

The “Flower Bulb Packaging” (Dutch VIB, Verpakkings Innovatie Bloembollen) project provides for these new methods and first focuses on the types of calla, lily and tulip. The companies Kapiteyn, PerfoTec, e-Flora and Fleurtiek use their expertise for VIB.

PerfoTec’s innovative technology is essential for VIB. A modified atmosphere (MAP) is used for packaging. The bulk and retail packaging is sealed with a moisture-permeable film in which a unique micro-perforation pattern has been applied. The flower bulbs are, as it were, “put to sleep”, which considerably extends the shelf life. To maintain quality and prevent infections, ozone is added during the packaging process.

In this way the quality of the flower bulb is kept at a constant and high level from storage and transport to delivery and sale by supermarket, florist and internet. The VIB tests participants on components in the chain; Kapiteyn for storage and retail, Fleurtiek as a florist and e-Flora for online sales. The drop-out rate is expected to be reduced by 50 percent at the producer, wholesaler and consumer.

The results of the VIB project can make an important contribution to the quality and sustainability of the Dutch flower bulb, the improvement of the competitive position of growers and related trade sectors and the reduction of the environmental pressure of the sector.

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